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About us

Our history spans many years of in-depth experience in IT equipment lifecycle management. Our journey to success has been marked by years of work and commitment in the industry. We have witnessed trends come and go, technological advancements, and companies that have both succeeded and failed. This collective experience has provided us with great insights into the different aspects of lifecycle management and IT operations.


What sets us apart from the crowd is our open business model, known as the "open book" approach. We firmly believe in transparent relationships with our clients. This means we openly and honestly share our knowledge and experience. We serve as an extension of your team in managing your IT equipment, and we therefore want you to be fully aware of how we work and the reasons behind the decisions we make.


Our extensive IT knowledge enables us to offer tailored solutions that suit your specific needs and challenges. We understand that every organization is unique, and we adapt to your requirements to deliver the best possible solution. It is about listening to you, understanding your goals, and then using our expertise to help you achieve them. Many are surprised at how the industry operates and how simple changes can make a significant difference.

Our core values

Our values are at the core of our business, guiding our work and relationships with customers and employees.


We build our culture on care and compassion for our colleagues. Through humility and a willingness to provide support where needed, we create a collaborative and considerate environment. We celebrate the importance of family and personal values. By putting family first, we create a work environment that respects and balances our employees' lives outside of work.


Our professionalism is based on integrity and honesty. By being professional with both customers and colleagues and being responsive to their needs, we build trusting relationships.


We are encouraged to be entrepreneurial, take risks, make independent decisions, and foster a "nothing is impossible" mindset. We act decisively and take business initiatives. Together, we create an environment where forward-thinking and innovation contribute to success through creative solutions and smart decisions.


We are committed in all situations, and passionately dedicated to delivering our best work. By being committed, we create a powerful dynamic that permeates our business.

Have Fun

We believe in creating a fun and inspiring work environment. By promoting joy and positivity, we create a place where our employees thrive, feel motivated, and can be creative.

This set of values is our roadmap for creating a positive, innovative, and inclusive corporate culture where we live our values in everything we do.

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We are Tech Konsulter

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Account Manager

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Account Manager

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