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We know that sustainability is essential for our planet and future generations. Therefore, we are determined to take an active responsibility in the journey towards a greener future. We work carefully and in accordance with environmental requirements with each project and prepare detailed environmental reports to measure and minimize our impact on the environment.

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Environmental reporting

We compile an environmental report after each project to show you how you have affected the environment. This helps you follow up and improve your environmental work.

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Handling according to environmental requirements

We comply with environmental requirements when handling equipment. This means that we make sure that the equipment is reused or recycled in the right way to reduce waste and extend the life of the technology. We work with certified recycling companies that take care of the equipment in a safe and responsible way.

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Our impact

Through our work, we prevent the release of approximately 48,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year. 


Some of our IT equipment is sent to IT4Kids. The value of the equipment is donated to projects that provide children facing financial, mental, or physical challenges with greater opportunities to participate in sports and engage in other rewarding activities.

Charity It4kids
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