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Did you know that your old IT equipment can help vulnerable children around the world?

Many children lack the opportunity to participate in sports, attend school, and engage in other enriching activities due to economic hardships at home or mental and physical challenges. Unfortunately, this is a challenge that is growing in the world. As a customer of ours, you can choose to donate the entire, or a portion of, the equipment's value to counteract this. IT4Kids collaborates with projects and organizations whose activities increase the opportunities for these children to attend school and participate in recreational activities.

The equipment is handled as usual, and you, as a customer, can choose where IT4Kids should send the donation!


Why donate to IT4Kids?


Sports, Education, and Training

IT4Kids' mission is to provide more children with the opportunity to attend school and participate in sports. We believe that investing in children's activities, education, and the environment yields good returns today and in the future.

Environment and Circular IT

On average, about 95% of the IT equipment you donate gets a second life. By extending the lifespan of electronics and producing less new technology, we can reduce CO2 emissions. We also support clean environmental projects aimed at safeguarding the environment for future generations.

  • Benefits for the Environment

  • Secure wiping and handling

  • Support essential work for young people and their future

  • Simple and cost-free

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